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Thread: swarovski rangefinding binoculars

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    swarovski rangefinding binoculars

    What are your opinions on the swarovski rangefinding binoculars? I have had my SLCs for years and thought these rangefinders would be something special. I was disapointed .I thought the image was poorer they looked cheap and didnt feel as good in the hand so I will stick with my SLCs. The rangefinding readout was also not clear and sometimes didnt work. Has any one else simalar thoughts ? I am not knocking swarovski as I use their scopes and SLC Binos .

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    hi there have just sold my els and bought a pair of 8x42 .they are in my opinion a better pair of binos. new els cost around 1500 and the range finders under usual you get what you pay for ,buy once and you have them for life.

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    I bought some EL range finders, and I have to say I love them. They do require carefull set-up for one's eyes but once this is done they work really really well.
    Image is excellent, IMO.

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