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Thread: GWP dog pup and 2 year old

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    GWP dog pup and 2 year old

    Due to an unforeseen change in work commitments I have decided all be it regrettably that I need to part with some of my young dogs.

    I have a four and a half month old dog pup bred by myself that I had intended to keep on, he has basic puppy training and is very bright. He is from the litter I advertised on here in January. His dam is Mustwork and the sire Wiggmansburg.

    I also have a dog rising 2 years that is full brother to the younger pup. I bought this dog back from hid first owner 2 months ago as the couple had split and neither could keep him. He has all the basics and is sharp, he has been shot over with no problems and will retrieve but I would not describe him as fully trained, there is still plenty to do. His major problem is that he is constantly on his nose and it is very good, he would make a good deer dog in the correct hands. All of his litter mates have gone on to work, many with deer. He has been castrated and is clean in the house if he needs to be in.

    Both are fully vaccinated, wormed etc and come from health tested parents.

    I will try and take some pictures tomorrow of both dogs.

    If you are at all interested in either please PM me or call on 07779906039.

    Dog from the same line can be seen on my website Home - EvanOak

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    Can you tell me how much you want for the GWP? Look forward to hearing from you, Colin Marshall

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