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Thread: Best Parker Hale bullet weight and style

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    Question Best Parker Hale bullet weight and style

    Hi folks

    Yup...i'm the one with the "cool" grooved PH in 30.06 over the pond here in Canuck land.
    Search up "weird grooves" in the Rifles and Calibres section if your interested.

    The weather is finally smartening up and the boy and i will be hitting the range soon with "new to him" PH Safari Deluxe.

    We reload our Sako's LOTS, and easily produce sub MOA. But it's our first PH. I was wondering what bullet weight and style/brand/type seem to work best in these old PH's given barrel lenght, twist and shallow grooves.

    Give me a starting point...and what should we expect for 100 yrd accuracy in these old girls?

    Many thanks as always.

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    ....wait for Brithunter's this space

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    Personally I would try a 165grain bullet in the 30-06 and something like H4350/IMR 4350 or H4381/IMR 4381.

    Parker-Hale claimed that all their rifles would produce a minimum of 1 1/2" grouping with Norma factory ammunition at 100 Yards. So MOA or under should not be too hard to achieve with hand loads.

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    Perfect.. I happen to have plenty of H4831sc on hand. Just need to pick up some bullets.

    any particular style of 165's that ride down the bore better? shorty's like Sierra's or long like Barnes or Scirocco's?

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    can't go wrong with nosler partitions mate

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    I have only just started reloading for my p h 1100 in 308. Ive gone for 165 grain sierra game kings and so far have halved the group size of factory ammo. So as your used to reloading im sure you will improve on this

    Regards pj

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    I used Speers #2035 but I like flat based bullets. Allowing for it's age and that it will have some wear in the barrel the longer bearing surface of a flat based bullet might be helpful.

    I have only ever used std Cup and Core bullets. I really do not see the need for the fashionable bonded and mono metal bullets for deer sized game.

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    does Norma sell their SP bullets separately at all? in fact, it's probably one of the most consitently performing and perfect mushrooming bullets I've ever seen/used. Of course, I've only used that one in factory ammo format, but wouldn't hesitate to reload it for a split second.

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    in my 270 i have used speer grand slams , seirra gamekings, hornady interlocks,remmington corelokt and all perform well in 130,140,150 grain i have a stock of these and will continue to use them ,atb wayne

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    Norma make and offer bullets and cases as components however getting the importer to actually bring them in is another matter entirely.

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