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    Laser Range Finder

    Hi Guys,

    Im looking for a reasonable priced range finder. Looking to spend 150-300. Something that could target roe out to atleast 300 yards. Can anyone recomend something that would do the job> any help would be greatly appreciated

    Cheers Rob

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    Try to find a second hand Leica, they don't go wrong and you shouldn't have any problems finding a second hand one for that sort of money if you persist and trawl the adverts on here / ebay etc.

    Thats my personal advice having done the same - i would rather spend 300 quid on a decent reliable accurate rangefinder like the leica, than 300 on a new pile of crud.

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    Hi Rob.

    I managed to get a Leica LRF 1200 for 375.00 and it is a great piece of kit. Very small, excellent optics, clear display, and does range a long way indeed, in good conditions. Practical distance is easily achieved for stalking purposes, and great for using on unfamiliar ground - just to make sure of distance.

    When misty / foggy, or in drizzle, performance is retarded but that is expected anyway.

    Good Luck.


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    If you only want to get out to around 600yds then the JSR or MTC unit for under 150 will do the job.
    Second hand Leica or a Bushnell will be a lot better.

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    Leica LRF 1200 scanas new and cased

    I have a leica LRF 1200 scan which is as new and cased for 330 inc p&p
    I'll get a pic up over the weekend

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    and you can buy me a drink with the 45 change you will have

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