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Thread: Aemed Forces Pensions, Have your say.

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    Aemed Forces Pensions, Have your say.

    A consultation exercise is being launched today to ask Service personnel for their views on the new Armed Forces Pension Scheme (currently referred to as Future AFPS) which will be introduced from April 2015.External stakeholders, including the Central Advisory Committee on Pensions and Compensation, the Forces Families Federations and the Forces Pension Society, will also be consulted.Consultation will comprise two phases:Phase 1This first phase will inform the design of the new scheme. It consists of an initial consultation document which is available on the Defence Intranet and Internet. Service personnel and other stakeholders, including spouses/relatives of Service personnel, should read the document and then complete the online questionnaire to register their views.Survey responses are required by no later than 11 May 2012.Phase 2MOD will publish details of the outline scheme design in late spring, taking account of responses received on the initial consultation document. The second phase of consultation will seek the views of Service personnel on scheme design.The consultation is being supported by a series of information briefings at Service locations by the Future Armed Forces Pension Team, which began in early March 2012. Service personnel at locations not visited can still contribute by reading the consultation document and completing the online questionnaire.This is an opportunity to have a say in the design of the new pension scheme. All Service personnel are strongly encouraged to read the initial consultation document and then complete the online questionnaire.

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    linky no worky mate

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    I'm still on the AFPS75 but only have 5 days til i start my terminal leave. Whatever they do it will reduce the amount of pension/gratuity paid on completion of a full term contract. Have heard a few rumours at work: gratuity will be taxed/pension not paid until 55. ALL of the people i know who have recently joined are on an 18 year contract instead of the usual 22 year contract - so that reduces the amount of pension/gratuity too.

    The future benefits for the forces will be cut!


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    They'll never change things for the good of the people that are on the receiving end. I just hope they don't let the Ruperts sort themselvs out and leave bugger all for the other ranks. though I suspect that Officers mess rules will come into play, "You play ball with us, we'll shove the bat up your arse".

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    One things for sure, the politicians pensions will remain unchanged. Oh yeah, they sorted that one out already....... At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask, politicians smile at you when they rob you!!

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    Quote from Theodore Roosevelt
    "A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled, and less than that no man shall have."

    Speech to veterans, Springfield, IL, July 4, 1903

    Personally I think the forces pensions should be protected, they give their all to the protection of the Union it's the least they deserve for the sacrifice they are willing to make.

    Spent last weekend meeting the hubby to be of the wife's best friend, he is a Captain in the RRF. The things the lad has seen and the decisions he has had to make in theatre will live with him for the rest of his life.

    The pension they all receive is nothing compared to the service they give and what we ask of them in the name of what is fair and just.
    Do they not deserve the same in return.

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    I'm in my last 2 years now, I finish 2014, Thankfully the changes will not be affecting me- Average wage pension, wait till 55 years old to receive it, no guaranteed full career......

    Things are changing, some for the better, some for the worst, all I'll say is "I'm glad I am out when I'm out"!

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    I don't hear anyone offering their own money to pay for better pensions for new joiners.

    Simple fact of life s that we don't have the money to pay the way we currently do.

    Existing Forces Pension Schemes will provide as now. The "New" Scheme is for future joiners.


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