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Thread: 20 years of reloading stupidity... saved from by Big Steve

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    20 years of reloading stupidity... saved from by Big Steve

    I have just realised that reloading the many thousands of rounds I have used with powder scales to weigh each charge was possibly the most stupid, tight and stubborn mind set thinking thing I will ever have done. Big Steve bought a lee powder measure and scales from th US and got two sets delivered from Lee in error and being a mate gave me one of each for free. Now, sceptical as I am about such things I set it up and tested the measure with lots of throws surprised at the accuracy of each throw, away I went. With my buckets of primed brass fetched out I went mental.

    Last night I charged and loaded:

    123 .308 150grn sst's,
    27 .375 h&h 250grn Gamekings
    30 .375 h&h 300grn

    The 1kg tub of vit 140 I had got battered and I apologise to all those people who said to get a powder measure over the years to which I always said I was happy with the scales, ignorant to how good they were and too tight to spend cash. Thank you Big Steve for a life changing gift.

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    Whatever.................................. I have an RCBS Uniflow measure in a drawer as didn't have the space to mount it in the mobile home so have been loading using Lee Scoops and scales. It works and I have never really bothered about the time loading takes. Tis all part and parcel of the whole part of Shooting, collecting and stalking to me.

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    I couldn't be without my digital scales now, it has made me obsessed with powder weight accuracy- not sure thats a good thing though, ignorance is bliss and the rounds shot perfectly well before - but now i just know

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    Ahhh more gadgets to lighten the pocket .

    I could not be bothered with digital scales... More batteries or things to charge and more to go wrong. Nope the old beam jobbies will see me out thank you.

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    I settled on this:

    Attachment 14105

    does the job, as I'm seating one the next is being weighed.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    My loading bench of nearly 40 years.
    Different Uniflos set for various rifles.

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    Serious or what, what about secure storage of powder!!!!!!!!!!!

    No offence ment.

    I used to weigh all my loads but now use my Lee Powder Thrower, weigh every 10th but its never out (Varget).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyres View Post
    Serious or what, what about secure storage of powder!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lock the door?

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    Holy cow H, that's the stuff of dreams. Wish I had a room like that. Hell at the rate of progression in my scheme of reloading it's never going to happen.

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    Offence taken !
    A cold, locked cellar.
    How much more security does the powder need ?
    Besides, few low-lifes would steal a few tubs of powder when a nice array of modern saleable electronic gear is available upstairs.

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