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Thread: can you really not buy

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    can you really not buy

    a rust bluing solution in the UK like Laurel Morgan or Pilkingtons...what's wrong with us

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    You can buy most things if you look in the right place, but anything considered to be dangerous or harmfull
    is more difficult to source, and you may need to be a certificated person to obtain it.
    On the basis there are many people who do rust blueing for a living the chemicals are available, at least to them.


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    Have you got a copy of "Firearm Bluing and Browning" by R.H.Angier?
    It has pages and pages of formulas for cold rust bluing solutions, some very unpleasant and others much more user friendly, as well as instructions on the whole process.
    Many of the chemicals are available in salt form on fleabay


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    I've got stacks of instructions and links saved to online sellers, I was just hoping to avoid having to mix all the chemicals myself, if you know what I mean...emoticon is no pun intended...

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    Yes you can buy rust blueing/blacking solution in the UK, Contact E.J. Blackley and Son on the net and they will help you out, you do have suitable tanks and heat sources I hope. If you are stuck on anything in the process p.m. and I will try to help you out.

    Brora 260

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