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Thread: Beater 243 survives the trial firing.

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    Beater 243 survives the trial firing.

    I ran out last evening with the old Winchester 243 I picked up at the tradingpost this week. I loaded some 85 grain BTHP's over IMR 4350 and some 55 grain ballistic tips over 4895. The Redfield scope I'd mounted has a 4 moa dot for woodland hunting so it was difficult to use at 100M but i finally got the hang of it. The 55 grain loads shot 1.2" but the 85 grain loads did better; about 5/8" average. The largest was a tad over 3/4 inches. The rifle is so weather worn that as I shot, the inertia of the recoil caused the fore end tip to come loose and start working itself forward on its mounting pegs. (Need to glue that...)

    This kind of performance saves it from being rebarreled to something more interesting (6,5 Creedmore, 7mm-08, etc) and after I work up some loads with deer bullets, I'll be shelving it to use as a loaner rifle for visiting hunters.~Muir

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    I still have my first stalking rifle. A Tikka M55 Deluxe in .243 that I have owned for 30 odd years. I also shoot a 6.5 and a .270 among other calibres so have used the .243 less and less and now use it for the odd Muntjac outing, occasional fox and a bit of vermin bashing. Like you I have been toying with the idea of rebarrelling it to something interesting but then I give it an airing, shoot some tight groups and some long range rabbits and realise what a cracking rifle and calibre I have .

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    Muir, great news from you as always. Just makes me envious at how easily you can acquire a new rifle. We have to justify it and get the approval on our Firearms Certificate (FAC) before we can acquire. Same with ammo and we are limited to calibre and quantity. We need special authorisation on our FAC to acquire expanding ammo. Seems so strange to see them all on display in Walmart!!
    It's accuracy that kills.

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    I know that you guys are under the legislative gun, and it is like that in some States here. Kalifornia has a 10 day waiting period, I believe. I have a Montana State Concealed Weapon's Permit so I can even skip the Federal Security check phone call. It took the 8 minutes before the closing time of the trading post to do the deal on the 243, and will take about that long to purchase the .222 Thompson Center Contender handgun they are holding for me.

    Of course, this relative ease of purchase generates some possible difficulties....
    ...Mostly financial.
    ......and marital!~Muir

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