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Thread: Rabbit control- Baiting to drop boxes

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    Rabbit control- Baiting to drop boxes

    Alright folks

    Loking for a bit of advice, a mate was at me to give him a hand shooting rabbits on a couple of areas of newly planted woods (trees not in yet). I've not seen it yet but it has jist been newly fenced and rabbit netted. The trees going in are mainly Norway and larch with a few hardwoods so fairly high up on a rabbits menu

    My first bit off advice to him was to stick in some drop boxes, but i dinae think the landowner is too keen on putting rabbit runs throu his new fence. It tends to be a rabbity area and he thinks it would jist let more rabbits into the plantations.

    Would it be possible to fence/drop box areas inside the plantion and bait them to attract the rabbits that are already in to thoose areas. And if so wot would be the best bait, althou i appreciate probably to late in year now and to much natural food about.

    Cheers in advance for any advice/ideas

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    Usually drop boxes are used to get rabbits coming from cover out into a crop. it depends what is surrounding the plantation. I personally wouldn't think netting in the cover and putting in drop boxes would work and would be a lot of work. As far as bait goes rabbits as you say have plenty of grub especially at this time of year. If the land has been cleared prior to planting it may be best to get as many out of the way by other methods before the cover grows

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    Find where the rabbits are running alongside the fence and put a drop box in bait either side if you wish, dont put a hole in the fence, if the rabbits do then put in a box, I would not take kindly to anyone provideing a gatway into a new plantation. Dropboxes work best by locking the plate while the rabbits run over them, then release the plate when the rabbits can be seen to run over the door. We put several along each side of the fenced area, one or two in total dont work as well as several either side. deerwarden

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