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Thread: Carcass bag for the boot of your car.

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    Carcass bag for the boot of your car.

    In my ever changing business of buying and selling clearance stock, I never know what I am going to find myself with next.
    Well, last week I took delivery of 150 patio cushion storage bags.
    What the hell do I want one of those for, I hear you ask. Well, they are 4ft long, about 2'6" wide and completely waterproof with a tie off top. I immediately thought that they would be an idea for putting a carcass or two in if you wanted to put it in the boot of your car etc. I reckon they will be big enough for a fallow pricket so will try to test them out this week (if I catch up with any deer!)
    Anyway, If you are interested then let me know as I will then put a bit more effort into testing them, taking pictures etc. I reckon I can put them out for about 6 delivered. They are made of the same sort of stuff at the ikea bags but green.
    If I don't receive any replies or PMs I know I will be wasting my time and should just sell them all to a gaden centre!

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    As I have had quite a few interested in these bags, I will sort some photos tomorrow and if I am lucky enough to catch up with a fallow, I will try one in the bag as well.

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    Depending on exactly what the look like, I will be interested. For those of us who already use plastic carcass trays, one of these sounds as if it might make a useful cover.....

    Edited to add just seen the pics and they are not really the shape I was after..



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    Also interested, You have PM

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    Have taken some preliminary photos for you all.
    We have also tested one with a bucket of water inside and it has not leaked. It is definitely big enough for a couple of roe at least but I will hopefully test it with a fallow this evening.

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    Forgot to say, I have done the figures and I can do them for 5 each delivered to anywhere in the UK. If you want more than 2, I can probably save some money on the postage so let me know and I will work it out for you.

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    Well, managed to catch up with a Doe yesterday evening so here are more photos. I reckon you could fit 2 fallow in a bag without too much trouble.
    I will reply to all PMs today.

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    Im in for a couple - if only for transporting Red carcasses which are a bit big for my wet tray.

    Will you please PM contact details.

    Rgds Ian

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