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Thread: Hi from Norfolk newbie deer stalker & rabbiter

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    Hi from Norfolk newbie deer stalker & rabbiter

    Greetings folks

    I came here while reaearching what to put down on my FAC app for expanding ammo. Am applying for a 5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308 as well as a .22 RF. Still not a clue on what expanding ammo to put down yet as have only done target shooting so far, feel free to advise me, though I plan to send it all in next week.

    I did DSC1 recently and have been target shooting at Bisley for a few years and in Norfolk more recently as moved up here a couple of years ago. In terms of actual hands on experience, I shot my first animal (rabbit) this week and processed it via YouTube tutorial (by Mark G, the Game for Everything chef) & enjoyed a delicious rabbit pasta - also from him. I'd like to do more & also learn how to tan the hides.



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    Hi Kian

    Welcome to the site.

    good to see you are getting stuck in, but it's a shame you do not know anyone who could offer a bit of mentoring instead of having to resort to the PC.

    Could I make a suggestion? it could be well worth your while contacting some of the guys in the Norfolk area that offer stalking and pay for a couple of days out. You will learn so much more in their company than watching it on utube.

    I would thoroughly recommend a day with either Max (David) or Holkham Estate (Glyn) down your way. Drop them a PM but I know they are not expensive and having had them up with me at the stags I know you will come away having learned a lot. Both good blokes...

    Just an idea...
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    Welcome to the site Kian
    Good luck with the FAC app.

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamross65 View Post
    I would thoroughly recommend a day with either Max (David) or Holkham Estate (Glyn) down your way.
    Totally agree. Glyn is a gent and I believe he offers mornings processing deer and probably other game whether you've been out stalking or not. Drop him a PM.

    Welcome to the site!

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    Welcome to the site

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    Thanks chaps. Thanks for tips. I was thinking of the Kings Scheme stalking in Thetford Forest but will look into David & Glyn (think I heard of him on my DSC1) when I have the FAC. Have a 7.62 reserved in anticipation

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    Welcome to the site, you could also try Mark at Bunwell Wood Shoot.

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    Where in Norfolk are you?
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