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Thread: Good boots for under ????

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    Good boots for under ????

    Right gentlemen, had a search and couldnt find nothing So here goes ! Could do with a good set of boots for under a hundred. Just general shooting, working stalking ect. Thanks

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    its not under a hundred but for 140 i got some of these and very immpressed been deep in bogs and very dry very comfy from the off and nearly a year they are still as good as new hope this helps,wayne ps im in them every day so not just a weekend boot
    Gri Sport Hunting Boot | eBay

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    Some people don't rate the lechameu boot, ive a pair of the moufflon plus which ive only used for stalking and have been with me best part of 5years and i'm very happy.Which ever boot you get try getting a pair of the sealskinz waterproof country sock, mine come up past my knee and at 35 a pair are fantastic.

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    My mate walks over Dartmoor in these and have never let water in.
    And under 100!

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    Most hard wearing, comfortable, 110% waterproof, maintance free boot....
    Viking dry boots.
    Just do a search on eBay - about 52
    Used them for years.
    UK Guy

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    Magnum boots. I have two pairs both comfortable. You need the all leather ones for dry feet. The composite tongue is not waterproof. about 65-75 the pair. Jim

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    Leather Karrimor KSBs. I had a pair when I was in the forces and for the money you can't beat them. They are very light as well. I also carry a pair of sealskinz socks just incase I end up wading.

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    Just got some harkila 10inch mountain gtx boots for 105 from Norris`s in Penrith.
    vibram soles and goretex lined.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    British Army Gore-Tex boots, paid around 50 for mine brand new and never issued.


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