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Thread: new cz .17 hmr not quite floated

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    new cz .17 hmr not quite floated

    picked up my new 17 from the gun shop this afternoon. really pleased with it but the barrel it just touching the end of the stock. its floated from the action right up to within a quarter inch of the end of the stock. do i carry on regardless or do i take the action from the stock and gently ease the wood get it floating properly. if so do i treat the wood i have sanded down to prevent moisture getting in and with what

    thanks for your time


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    I would take it back to the shop without touching it at all. Not your problem to sort out a brand new gun. Have they got another one in stock?

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    no ordered this one in for me. would normally swap it but need to send my tickets off to put my dads guns on that i have just inherited and dont fancy waiting 3 months to get my tickets back to have to send them off again for another 3 months having bought the 17. to be fair to the gun shop they have said they will float it no problem for me and knowing how they have been in the past would be no charge

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    Well that should sort the problem then. I'm sure that the gunshop will do a good job without damaging any guarantee either.

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    give it a chance and shoot it. if it shoots ok everyones happy, if you do float it or get it floated you must treat the bare wood or in damp weather it will swell and touch the barrel again.

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    thank you for your replies. i have taken the action out. there was a lump of something stuck in the bedding area where the front screw goes into the action. that removed and the barrel is now central in the stock and careful tightening of the screw has produced a floated barrel.

    happy days

    all i need to do now is sight it in and get to work on the rabbits

    thanks again for replies

    regards pj

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    Happy days. Have fun. Great value and super accurate rifle you have there. Should never have sold mine. At least I sold it to a friend who has shot thousands of rabbits with it and it's still clover leaf acurate. Rest assured, if your rifle is as good as that one, then any misses are down to you!

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    thanks baguio. just out of interest how often if at all did you clean the barrel. first time owning a 17 so all new.

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    Glad you're happy but a floated barrel does not guarantee accuracy, nor does the lack of a floated barrel lead to inaccuracy. My BRNO #5 and #2 rifles are fully bedded and shoot well under an inch at 100M with ammo they like. My FN Commercial custom 6.5x55 is not floated and shoots around half MOA. I have many, many others that lack free floating and they shoot very well indeed.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by pj1 View Post
    thanks baguio. just out of interest how often if at all did you clean the barrel. first time owning a 17 so all new.
    Are you supposed to clean them? Not sure how many rounds have gone through mine, but it must run into the thousands I would think. There will no doubt be other opinions, but mine is don't clean more than you feel you have to. Unless you see a fall off in accuracy or the rifle gets a soaking, it seems to be the moderator is the part that needs attention more than anything.

    Enjoy your new tool, they shoot very sweetly.


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