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Thread: Muntjac - possible medal?

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    Muntjac - possible medal?

    I was lying in wait for a fox early this evening and this buck walked about 5 meters away from me and out into the field in front of me where I already had my rifle pointed, I let him wonder to 20 yards and clicked my safety off which made him run before turning and looking back at which point I dropped him. He's got the most impressive head I've ever seen on a muntjac buck, what are peoples thoughts?

    Also, commiserations to Matt_hooks who had this beautiful buck at the end of his scope last summer and didn't take the shot


    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think I might have had some explaining to do as to why the tractor had a hole in it though!

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    Certainly a nice Buck Oli,and could well be a medal,good luck with it.


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    Thanks Martin. I seem to remember the tractor wasn't there that day Matt

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    nice one i would say he would be a medal of some sort

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    Oli just measured him. Antler length is 12.5 cm, almost exactly the same both sides. He didn't measure spread or beam/coronet diameter, but at that length it's got to be pretty spectacular.

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    nice buck there. well done he is a cracker

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    Very nice, a really good buck!
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    Very nice Oli - that's a keeper for sure. It will look good next to that green bit of paper you'll receive shortly....!!
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    A cracking buck mate will make a medal for sure .

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