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Thread: Need a deer calibre

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    Need a deer calibre

    I've used a 308 and I like the round, excellent stopping power! I have a 22-250 for foxing which I really like, but I will of hopefully picked up bout 2000 acres of stalking ground, mostly roe/muntjac and the odd fallow. I have been pondering 4 calibres and wanted to know people's opinions for my use! Calibre options ive been thinking about are 25-06 6.5x55 270 or the 308? I don't reload (yet-something I want to get into). I have thought about the 243 but I would like something a bit bigger for that extra uuumph so to speak!
    Advise please?, thank you James

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    stick with the .308 and spend the extra money you would have used on another calibre on reloading gear, unless you can afford both of course, but I'd rather be able to shoot really well with one rifle that know and trust, and I can create bespoke reloads for, depending on which game I'm after.

    I'm a hypocrite of course, as I'm always blabbering on about adding a thousand new calibres myself.

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    Stick with your 308. What doesn't it do on UK deer that you could possibly need it to do? Also you probably have found ammo it likes and got it set up just as you like and all that takes time and costs money in ammo or new slings or... Spend the cash you save on not having another rifle on reloading, as PKL has suggested, or even on a few days at red stags in Scotland or similar.

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    6.5x55 would be my choice. Bullets to 160 grains, plenty of modernized loading data surfacing. Inherently accurate, efficiently proportioned case and benevolent towards reloaders. New data puts it neck and neck with the 260 Remington.~Muir

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    I'll agree that you would gain more from reloading your existing rifles, than picking up a new one. If i were really set on getting a new one, i'd be getting a 6.5mm of some type. Just have a look at available bullets and you'll see why 6.5mm has a clear advantage over .257 at the moment.

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    I am assuming while you have used a .308 win you do not own one presently? If your looking for one cartridge for small to medium with the ability to handle reds at a later stage possibly and you want a good selection of factory ammunition, then the .308 win, the .270 Win or the euro equivalent 7 x 64 (maybe less choice in factory ammo though) are good selections. For a bit less power the 6.5 x 55 is a fine round and worth a look. I'd pick the rifle and scope first on fit and feel and calibre second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mountainstalker View Post
    I am assuming while you have used a .308 win you do not own one presently?
    That's how I read it....

    .270 or 25-06 would be my choice out of those 4 but I think you've written of the .243 far to early! It sounds like an ideal calibre for Roe, Muntjac and the odd fallow, available in abundance, ammo's widely available and It must be one of the most common centrefire rifles in the UK (Citation needed?) and for a reason, it is a true all rounder. What do you need the extra uuumph for your own amusement or too shoot two deer at once?

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