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Thread: New Zeiss Victory Range

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    New Zeiss Victory Range

    Hi, I am thinking about upgrading my current optics on my fox rifle to a new 3-12x56HT. Just wondering if anyone has had a look through or used one of these scopes yet? They say that light transmission is now at around 95%, would the naked eye really notice a 3-5% difference? There was recently a scope test in a swedish gun mag that tested 20 odd medium to top of the range scopes on various criteria, unfortunately they did'nt test the new Victory HT. What I found interesting in the test was that the S&B Klassik 2.5-10x56 had better light transmission(92%) than the same mag Zenith and even marginally better than the Victory and Varipoint. Over here (Norway) Zeiss is generally regarded as the nr 1 night shooting optic.

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    Are they even available for sale yet? I know they have been announced, but I think the first availability on the binoculars will not be until May, so wouldn't expect to see the scopes until then either.
    Anyone seen them yet?

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    I believe that they are on sale over here in Norway, not sure about the UK.

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    we get everything last here border when the scraps are left

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    have you spoke to mike at calton moor, he is zeiss agent and should have all the info when they will be available

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    The new victory HT's are available in the UK. The first units have come in very recently and are available for dealers to order, some dealers have already placed orders which are now shipping. I have had a good look at them because of my job with Zeiss and they are a very bright scope, brighter than Anthony else out there based on the light transmission figures which are 95%, The new illuminated reticle is very good and finer than the one on our duralyts. You should see these in our dealers very shortly. I have a 3-12x56 as a demo unit which I picked up yesterday which will in due course be put on my 6.5 for me to test properly.

    Regards Jon

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