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Thread: Problem with floor plate magazine release catch Sako AII

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    Problem with floor plate magazine release catch Sako AII

    Got a wee problem in that my old Sako AII floor plate magazine catch (button on front of trigger guard) seems to be releasing with vibration or movement causing the rounds to fall out, not very handy at all!

    It happened when loaded with 4 rounds however didn't seem to occur again with only 3 rounds so I'm thinking the spring On the release catch may be on the way out.

    I've not taken it apart yet to find the cause and am assuming its spring loaded but if anyone has any knowledge of whether it can be adjusted or replaced easily I'm all ears. Forearmed is forewarned and all that .

    If it is a problem with the spring are they universal and where would I get a spare online?

    Thanks in advance


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    You will get a good response if you pose the question on
    You need to register though.

    Parts diagram:
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    Just replace the worn parts - Contact GMK after looking at the PDF file for youre rifle on the Sako website - you will find the relevant part numbers on the drawing.

    Just replaced a bolt slide and associated parts for a 591 at very reasonable price doing it this way.

    Think you will need Part # 52 and 53 for spring and catch.
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