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Thread: BSA CF 2 in .270

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    BSA CF 2 in .270

    A very reluctant sale of my BSA CF2 in .270,I bought this a month or so ago brand new (old stock)it is as new only having fired 13 rounds ,comes complete with Williams open sights,set trigger,Hilver base and 1" and 30 mm rings,a Hawke Endurance 3-12x50 scope,butler creek sling,instruction manual on cleaning and adjusting(kindly provided by Brithunter) shoots under an inch with Privi 150g, all in all an as new classic stalking rifle, 650 the lot,you will be hard pushed to find another new BSA CF2.
    Regards Jase,
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    Hi Jase,
    is it full or half stock?


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    Hi Backup it's the halfstock,here's some pictures
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    Not looking for me, but will pass on the info to a friend. Nice looking rifle.

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    Now sorted ,so don't have to sell it so it's staying for now.

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    bet that's a relief, superb rifles.

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    Right lads, the reds I had a chance at have not materialised and I think a .270 is a bit too much for fox and roe and plus I don't want to butcher it and stick a mod on it,so I think I'm going to go back to a .243,so I'm offering the Rifle and rings only for 500 this is basically a brand new rifle and is very accurate with 150g Privi(Iwill give the buyer a box and a half if F2F), so if anyone is after a superb classic rifle in a cracking calibre please P.M me

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    What would you be looking for without the scope, but still with the rings? that is if you are prepared to split.

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    Like I said in post No 7 ,Rifle ,base rail,1"rings and 30 mm rings 500 buddy,worth every penny

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