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Thread: Landy nerds needed

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    Landy nerds needed

    Hi am looking at buying a new (second hand ) Landrover in a few weeks time , have spoken to a few people about it and have decided on a defender , but the choice now is which model is cheaper to buy/run/insure ?

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    300 tdi 110 crew cab. (doublecab may be the correct landrover term.)
    But really depends what you want to use it for.
    How many road miles?
    How much kit to lug about?
    Dead animals?
    How many people being carried etc.

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    was gonna go with the 330tdi but not sure on crew cab , however might be use full but there very expensive arn't they ? well ideally needs 4 seats , and needs to carry a fair bit of gear as im a gamekeeper and also have a dog , and as for road miles i don't mind as have many friends who are capable of helping me fix it

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    Well you will need a 110 anyway.

    Both agree 300tdi, reliable and powerful (ish)

    The crew cab allows you to throw smelly dirty gear in the back without mucking up the pristine luxury of the cab.

    Failing that a station wagon, with a boarded out back with a good dog guard.

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    i know someone who has a nice blue freelander

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    good thinking batman just 1 problem there and that's the price of these things as i will only have about 2grand to play with

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    yes but i said i need a land-rover not a freeking hairdressers salon

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    2K limits you a tad.

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    yes true , but as i said im a gamekeeper not a bank manager lol , am not expecting anything too great though , it will probably be one of ebay's finest

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