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Thread: High Seat Boredom

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    High Seat Boredom

    Am not the most patient man but watching only the grass grow and the hands of a clock go round really isn't fun , anyone got any ideas how to prevent boredom from creeping up on me and killing me while im waiting in a Highseat for hours on end ?

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    Become a man who can see nature and not just the deer you intend to cull. Open your eyes and you will see a wonderous world of all sorts.

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    Get a mantra?

    Listen to noises and having isolated and identified each one try and "unhear it" sort of like a DIY ambient sound cancelling set of headphones. The more you identify and discard the more layers you hear I find.

    Mind you I am extremely envious of the accuity of your eyesight and perception if you are able to see the grass grow...that is on a level way beyond me!

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    Clearly the answer is to surf The Stalking Directory on your mobile phone? More seriously, when I get cold and bored, I just get down from the high seat and stalk on. I have a friend who listens to the cricket. Regards JCS

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    Get yourself a smartphone and read The Stalking Directory online

    To be honest, even when I don't see anything I always enjoy being out, beats sitting in the house watching TV

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    +1 on watching nature. Especially at this time of year when it's all kicking off again.
    A pat on the back is often just a recce for the knife.

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    Take a camera along. Some of the most amazing things are seen between those rare moments of excitement when a deer turns up.

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    Try stalking your quary rather than sitting to ambush it

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    Get a rangefinder, then you can sit there taking readings of different features for reference in the future.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    have a sleep
    atb fbrad

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