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Thread: DMQ LEVEL 1cd wanted

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    DMQ LEVEL 1cd wanted

    i am looking for a up to date DMQ level 1 question and answer cd rom i know you can get these when you apply to do your course, but i was hoping to study before i applied. has anyone got one please?

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    Hiya, Just sent you a PM..

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    thanks pm replyed to thanks

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    BDS Manual

    Post removed: Copyright infringement is not allowed
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    Please be aware that the BDS Training Manual and other BDS produced material is subject to copyright conditions which restrict how the material may be used.
    If you have an electronic version of the manual you have already violated our copyright and to offer it for sale only makes you more vulnerable to litigation which the Society will not hesitate to pursue. I advise that you withdraw your offer for sale and dispose of the version you have.
    The administrators of Stalking Directory have recently warned users of this site not to infringe copyright.
    Dave Goffin UK Training Manager

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    best to get access to the training centres online facilities and/or free materials when you sign up for a course.
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