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Thread: FENIX torch - any good ?

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    FENIX torch - any good ?

    If anyone uses a Fenix - are they any good ?


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    I have a Fenix TK15 and have been very impressed indeed with it - fits into my hand and is always on my belt when stalking and the throw is great with useful illumination out beyond 120 yards and it can throw enough light for you to see it illuminate a path or track out to about 180 yards. I've had no problems or faults with it and it has been in use for over a year now. I posted a quick review here with some photos:

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    Aside from being besotted with them, unbiased view as we dont sell them at the moment.

    I have on my belt a 6 year old LD2 Fenix. If I'm wearing trousers and belt, that torch is with me. Over that time doing extensive work stalking, building/ gardening/ house clearing/ emergency maintenance etc etc. Its been with me thoughout - in addition to running numerous Bushcraft courses.

    Still in original holster and front bezel is now worn down to bright aluminium. No part broken ever. Only change AA batteries as required.

    Works each time everytime, every function.

    I love it to bits.

    Experience with several Fenix models - all good so far - really down to choosing one that suits your needs. I have a Surefire 6P and that has sat in a drawer since the Fenix arrived.

    Rob Balzan at Photonshop - uk importer is a great guy that knows his product inside and out. Utterly nice chap to deal with.

    In fairness there may be better products out there, but the Fenix I have suits me to the ground, so never had requirement to look further.

    Hope that rave helps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scrun63 View Post
    If anyone uses a Fenix - are they any good ?

    Have a look at the flashaholics website, should be one or two things to whet the appetite on there

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    I have a pd-30 fenix,shame summer is coming as will not use it as much,great torch.
    Have used mine checking lambing sheep a lot as well!

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    I have had one for many years (since they were first on the market), faultless bit of kit. Tiablo are an alternative. However you can pick up two for 25 from China. Just need good recargable batteries, for these see Rapid Batteries web site.



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    I have a TK10 that has seen irregular use for about three or four years.
    Still works as it did when new.

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    Thanks for all the replies, advice and writeups. After all the good press it looks like i'll be buying a Fenix



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    Which one did you go for?

    I got the LD10 for Christmas and it's great: stays in my pocket all the time. Well made, very bright yet small enough not to notice and it takes AA batteries. Also the colour of the light is quite a 'warm' white compared with others that can be a tad 'cold' for my liking.

    I also got the MC10 headband, but I don't like it so much: OK if you're walking in the dark but for gralloching it's hard to get it to point downwards. I'm probably going to get HC21 headtorch instead as a dedicated stalking torch: on paper very bright and also takes a single AA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat View Post
    Which one did you go for?

    I also got the MC10 headband, but I don't like it so much: OK if you're walking in the dark but for gralloching it's hard to get it to point downwards.
    I havent decided yet, but after all the good press and looking at the price i think it's gota be a no brainer

    Interested to hear about about the headband - I was thinking of getting one, but might think twice now. I'll either carry a large elastic band or get a big stapler and just put up with the headaches

    Atb to all


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