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    30 cal choice

    I threw this picture up on UKV already.
    Out of interest I cut a few 30cal bullets I had lying around just to see how much different target bullets really are. How much thicker jackets on good old soft points really are. They never blow up as we all know.

    The jacket thickness on all is very uniform, just my cutting technique was not quite up to scratch and the soft copper was distorted a bit. So the thinner side will be realistic.
    The large plastic tip diameter of the Nosler is possibly responsible for the quite hefty expansion often mentioned, even that thick jacket won't help.
    A-max very similar to SST. The big shock for me was the thin jacket on the hornady soft point, even with that huge lead tip. I'd almost prefer the a-max to the SP.
    Left to right. 150gr Hornady SP interlock, Nosler 150gr BT, 155gr A-max, 165gr SST, 165gr Nos BT, 190gr SMK.


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    Nice pic ejg.
    What did you cut those with, a diamond wheel?
    I love the Nosler BST's (to use, not only to look at) and can now see why something always seems to make it through with them, that rear jacket is seriously thick.

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    I cast the bullets in epoxy and milled one half off. Wasn't the best idea because the soft copper can distort a bit. Had to wet sand and lapp further down then.
    I never noticed much difference between the a-max, SST and BT's on deer and just use whatever shoots the most reliable.
    These three can all empty their lead out, the thick cup of the Nosler does boost some confidence in that case.
    The a-max. Through spine.

    The SST through head and down the spine.


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