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    Guys could anybody tell me the twist rate for a r93 308 cal
    I've been reading about the r8 has a one in 11 twist
    Does the r93 have the same

    Regards Chris.

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    Thanks caorach could I be cheeky and ask what you are reloading for your 308 and would yo know the speeds
    I've just loaded some 180 grainers I had in the cupboard just wondering if they would stabilise ok being the 1-11 twist

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    1:11 is fuine for 180s. 1:12 is pretty std twist for US made .308s and works fine with a 180.

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    I've never loaded anything as heavy as 180s. I did load some 165 Sierra Gamekings and they shot really well but I've no idea of velocity. As it is deer I shoot I tend towards the 150 grain bullets and currently I'm loading Nosler Partitions as my main deer load but have never had them over the chrony plus I also load Hornady Spire Points. I have two loads for the spire points, a plinking load that gives me about 2500fps and a full on deer load that, to my amazement, gives 3000fps.

    These folks have a good stability calculator, assuming you have some idea as to your velocity:

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