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Thread: stanley thermos flasks

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    stanley thermos flasks

    had one of the old ones it lasted about 20 years bought a new 1.2l flask and they last about 3 months on my third replacement under warrenty whats the best flask to buy just going to give up on the stanley's there *****!

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    Tesco S/S cheapy, about 6 for the 1.5 ltr size.
    I'm not a fan of flasks but it seems to do the job ok.


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    +1 ^
    except mine were 2 for a tenner from the garage!

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    Ive had the same problem and I know a gd friend of mine has also has the same problem.

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    I still have my 25 yr old one in constant use
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    I recently bought a couple of the Jack Pyke stainless flasks - 480ml & 1ltr. They do the job and are nice and slim so fit in the rucksack pocket quite well. The 480ml one holds enough for me when I'm out for a single stalk although the cup is on the small size. We use both together when out for the day, coffee in the big one and hot milk in the smaller, so we can both have our drinks as we prefer them.

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    me too lost my old one a while back had it a long time bought two new stanley ones and after problems demanded my money back

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    ive got a new one after old one gave up the ghost
    filled with hot water for a few hours before i set off , made coffee in it went to norfolk stalking stayed over had hot coffee morning after drove home and coffee was still hot enough to drink over 36hrs later mines been tip top

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    My favourite flask is about 3 inches high and 1 wide and is normally filled affectionally with 12 year old Macallan!!

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    Buy a Vanco one. I was given one some years ago as an X mas present and its in a different league from a Stanley.


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