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Thread: Total Field

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    Total Field

    Has anyone dealt with a mail order company called Total Field?

    They seem to have some VERY good prices on scopes. Unbelieveably good?

    I have a need for a low power variable for driven game/deer on my 7mm and am considering a Zeiss 1-4 or 1.5-6.

    Still need to convince SWMBO of this need ....... but I'm working on it.

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    Just had a look at the site got to be the cheapeast site on the net lads if you are looking for a scope or binoculars take a look frist lads (Swarovski
    swo-03 8x56 pf only 540 new )

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    870 for 8.5 x42 el Swarovski !!

    Thats getting on for a couple of hundred less than most ???

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    total field

    nice find kuwinda,s&b 8x56 hungarian scopes for under 400 bargin

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    Re: total field

    Quote Originally Posted by wint
    nice find kuwinda,s&b 8x56 hungarian scopes for under 400 bargin
    i would make sure they have them in stock before ordering ,and get a eta

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    Sounds very reasonable I will have a nosey, if anyone does try them out please post as it is always a worry ordering from an unknown entity

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    Total Field

    Anyone got a link - I cannot google it

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    Sorry, been away perforating deer.

    The point was really - is this too good to be true?

    There is a physical address and phone number so I guess the thing must actually exist (or have existed) - but is it bona fide?

    I am a bit chary about lashing out 500'odd to something which may not be totally kosher and was wondering if anyone else had used them?

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    They are using Paypal at their checkout.

    Is that not protected nowadays ?

    I will be trying to phone them in the morning ? see what happens.

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