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Thread: First deer and first buck.

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    First deer and first buck.

    Took a mate out this morning and got him he's first ever deer and the first of hopefully a good buck season to come.Dan my mate has spent 7 years in Afganistan and whilst no stranger to rifles this is his first deer,i know he was a bit nervous but it was a text book shot to the heart at 110yds and it dropped on the spot,felt just as chuffed as he did and a cracking morning to be out,shot at 7.20am.
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    Well done to both of you. One of many bucks to be grassed today I would think.

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    Nice one mate a good start on the bucks.

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    congrats , much better than mine this morning lol

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    Well done guys, out this evening for one I've been looking at for a while. Bet I don't see it!

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    He"s a smasher.Nice 1 for your first beast also.

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    looks like the roe have wintered well, been milder though this year

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    Well done, off to a flying start.

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    Great stuff... Congrats to your friend and yourself for giving him the opprtunity!

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