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Thread: out this morning

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    out this morning

    i was out this morning at the back of six , having a mooch about i came across 2 roe at over 500 yards , they were standing undershade and i couldnt make out what sex they were so i took a long arking walk around them to get in closer without them catching on that i was there.

    it took me the best part of 20 mins to get within 200 yrds, i raised my binos to see it was a buck and doe , the buck was still in velvet

    so standing there watching the 2 of them go about there business i hear a thump , thump behind me, i turned round to be face to face ( well about 50yrds ) with another roe buck , he looked at me for about 5 seconds then bolted like a bat out of hell

    turning back to my other 2 only to find they had bolted too lol

    i did my rounds without seeing anything till i was making my way back to the car when a buck presented himself , he was standing about 10ft out from the tree line, looking through the scope i could see he was clean ,

    at around 120yrds out i took the shot , he dropped on the spot

    not a great head but he will taste great none the less
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    Well done! I saw a nice young buck yesterday afternoon while looking around a new permission for the first time. He was on a neighbour's land walking along a nearby hedgeline when I looked over to see what was in the field. He spotted me and ran in my direction for about a hundred yards before leaping over some bushes into cover. There were roe slots everywhere I looked, so hopefully there'll be some good sport to be had.

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    well done,I,d better get out myself this evening for a look!

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    Good read its not about the head its enjoying the outing.

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    Congrats on the buck did you get the first one for TSD?

    “Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
    ― Criss Jami

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    Well done mate, does that mean you're ready for level 2

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    i would do it if i could ger enough deer infront of me

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1S1K View Post
    Congrats on the buck did you get the first one for TSD?

    no i dont think so , theres another thread with that lol

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    Well done and a good start i think there should be plenty of bucks taken this year i have seen lots about the place.

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