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Thread: Snaring Legalities

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    Snaring Legalities

    If I set a snare for foxes and catch a badger what are the legal requirements for disposal ? if any, don't want to get into any trouble I would rather not put the snares down we were having a lot of problems with foxes taking lambs but we seem to be on top of that, but there are a hell of a lot of badgers on the ground that we think are doing the damage.

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    I am no snaring expert but snare placement including height it is set should limit catches to target quarry.

    would imagine there is no easy way out of trapping a protected species

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    I think snares have to have stops on them so as non target species can be released. (How you are going to release an angry badger is a tough one!!) As above, setting the correct height will help. Though i`ve snared rabbits in the past i have no experience of foxes but i was told by an old boy one hand high for rabbits and two hands high for foxes, which apparently is too high for a badger to be snared. (but it may dislodge the snare)
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    Hi mate. basc has a good guide you can download. There are certain legel requirments regards to the height they are ment to be set, think its 9inch high on open ground so badgers arent caught. They are also meant to have a stop set so it doesnt kill the fox holds just like a dog on a leash and a tag with a name and contact number on them. I have seen a badger caught in a snare and getting up close they are nasty so 2 options try and losen they snare so it gets its head out or cut the wire and the badger would soon get it of by himself.

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    Badger release from a snare,......... long handled snips, better with help on hand too!.
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    Use a garden fork to place in front of badger before using wire cutters.


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    Good luck with taking a fox out of a snare they have claws like a bear and a fair set of teeth and power. You would need a very good pair of cutters to cut snare wire. To avoid catching a badger you would have to set the snare properly I set mine about 9 inches. As others have said the snare must have a stop on it so it dose not pull right up. Im sure if you look on the BASC or NGO web site they will have somthing about snareing. You can be prosecuted if the snare is found with the wrong species in.

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    Whilst it remains a possibility to catch a badger in a fox snare the person checking it should always go equipped to deal with such an eventuality. How else are you going to release it?


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    Breakaway snares are meant to give and allow a brock to get free. Some do, some dont, a good stout hazel with a shallow Y fork is useful to pin him to allow wire snips to cut snare and free him but it does take a bit of force and sticks only good for 3 or four releases before you need to cut a new one. Setting at the correct hieght helps but the foxes ,hares and badgers haven't read the manuals or if they have they sometimes ignore them. You can almost catch anything at any hieght of set, I,ve had my boot in a loop myself while checking snares for mates while they were on holiday.

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