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Thread: Scope re-paint ..................... results

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    Scope re-paint ..................... results

    Well some may recall that in another thread about dipping stuff I mentioned this scope that had gone a funny Gold colour. So on a visit into town I stopped by Halfords and brought some Satin Black spray. Masked the scope up and gave it a light rub with some fine emery cloth then sprayed it..

    It looks quite good but .................................................

    This is what it looked like before:-

    It only changed couler where either the sun ? or air reached it easily. Due to comments that certain other scopes of a particular brand went this colour when left in the sun we shall say the sun was responsible. I do not know the make of the scope as it's not marked.

    Now this is how it came out:-

    I now have to re-mask it as not thinking clearly I masked too much and it shows up so I'll have to re-mask it and give it another going over. It also looks like this paint is not very tough but only time will tell how it holds up.

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    That looks good so far.
    i have just noticed one or two small marks on my scope, do you think it would do to patch or is it not hard wearing enough ?

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    I really don't know.

    I chose the satin paint as I prefer the sheen it gives. Like some of the older scope finishes. I am wondering if priming might have improved the finish durability. This is something of an experiment for me on what is a cheap scope.

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    looking good. priming it just gives a good bace for the top coat to key to and also you can get it a bit flater by useing fill primer and sanding down this will take the odd small marks out. to give it a tough finish you can get satin matt varnish but it dose give a bit of a shine to it and the ones i have used seam hard to spray

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    Well I did consider that option butt he selection in our local Halfords was not very good and they did not have matt or Satin finish. Gloss would not have looked correct IMHO.

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    It's a common thing on a black anodised finish, the dye used is not UV proof!

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    Funny but this is the first one that I have acquired that has gone like this. None of mine ahve done so.. Must be a cheaper coating?

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    Brit I did a swaro some time ago it was steel tubed and had lost the blued finish.
    I sprayed it with an enamel black paint by morso for their stoves.
    It was very hard and a nice looking dull black.
    I warmed the tube with a hairdryer first and this made the paint stick on contact.
    I sold it sometime ago but it worked very well. I have also used it on t8 mods.

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