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Thread: Choice Of Two Binoculars

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    Choice Of Two Binoculars

    Hi Everyone

    Im after any advice from anyone that has or has had experience in the Leupold Bx-2 Cascade or Steiner Hunter Binoculars in 8x42.

    Im looking at these budget binoculars as i cant justify and cant afford the top end range, so i have narrowed it down to the above two
    but are struggling to find any decent English reviews.

    Many Thanks In Advance


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    A friend has the Steiner and I thought they were impressive and it would be easy to glass for some hours with them without problems, unlike some of the less expensive binos which are only really good for use for a short while. The image looked good to me though I didn't get to test them in low light. He is very happy with them.

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    Steiner is a good glass. they would be my choice

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    I tried Leupold bino`s and found them very uncomfortable to use. The glass was good but not nice bino`s really.
    My choice would be Opticron at that end of the market.

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    I had a pair of 8 x 56 Steiner ,Very good but very heavy! Good in low light & no messing about focasing ,once you have adjusted them to you sight thats it! If I remember they were from 30 metres to infinity once adjusted. Some scrout broke into my truck and had em away. Now use Swarovski EL 10 x 42.

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    Thanks all, Steiner looks good so far....

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    [QUOTE=RichardP;353027]Thanks all, Steiner looks good so far....[ The stiener look good, have a look at the Minox range, very good for the money

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    Steiner but as said before they are heavy! If you go for these try a bino harness!! Also not sure if others will agree but I have a set of Vanguards and they work wonders including low light!

    Vanguard – Hunting Outdoor - Gunpods, Archery Bow Cases, Gun Cases, Optics

    They aren't that expensive and you can find some bargains on eBay!

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    Use Steiner binoculars at work, they are adequate, but nothing special. I have a Leupold scope and it is excellent. So optically they must be about even or possibly Leupold have the edge, but I have not used Leupold bins, so go to a dealer and try them in the shop, see what fit your hands, how each set feel. At the end of the day it is how they feel to you not anybody else that counts.

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