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    Posting a moderator

    Toying with putting in an offer for an on ticket Moderator. Can this be posted by the person direct to my RFD without the person incurring the RFD costs at his end. My RFD would obviously have to send him a receipt to take it off his ticket. As no alteration is recorded on the FAC I see no reason why this could not be done A registered post should be sufficient. Jim

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    The answer is no.

    A moderator is classed as a firearm in it's own right, and can only be sent via the postal system RFD to RFD.

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    I believe the above to be correct comes under the component parts crap.

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    Easiest thing , is to speak to your FEO
    See what he/she wants as a requirement
    Also speak to your RFD to see what he/she will deal with
    Then go from there

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