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Thread: Messy T8

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    Messy T8

    After shooting a few shots at the range I find when removing my T8 mod.the barrel is covered in hot crud/ carbon deposit. Some of this can be quite stubborn to remove and usually involves solvents and old tooth brushes, and possibly dulling my shiny bluing.....any ideas on how to avoid this? I'm thinking a couple of layers of electricians tape on the barrel for some protection when choosing to use the mod. Any advice appreciated.

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    How is that possible, with a T8 the only bit of it that comes in contact with your rifle barrel is the thread at the muzzle and the delrin bush at the other end.
    The only time I have heard of this happening is with a very old PES, where the gasses used to come back over the barrel and were contained by the bush that came back over the barrel at the opposite end to the muzzle.
    Are you sure it is a T8 you have.

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    Yes T8 had it 3 years and cleaned regularly.....makes my .243 filthy and my new 22-250 .......? Getting annoying...

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    I would try changing the mod. Like has been said there should not be any gases\carbon coming back over the barrel !! Certainly not on any reflex T8 mods ive ever seen.


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    I find it hard to believe it can be a T8.
    There is no way carbon or anything can come in contact with the barrel unless the inner sleeve has split, which is very unlikely.
    If that is the case then it was manufacturing fault and would have been discovered on day one of it's use.
    If that is the case get in touch with Jacksons the main importer and see what he has to say.
    He has very good after sales and guarantee back up and will also give a part exchange allowance for your old against a new one.

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    Thanks all I agree with the advice. Just wondering what the average life is, but I'm blown if I'm forking out 200 again. Might just use my mates old Vaimeco, it seemed to work fine.

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    I used mine every day for seven years and on and off for another three and it is still serviceable.
    As for forking out another 200 Why!
    Get in touch with Jackson the importer and let him look at yours, if there is a fault he will replace it, if it is misused/damaged/worn out he will give you an allowance for it against a replacement.

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    Did you get it sorted?
    Eddy McC

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    A friend of mine had a T8 on his rilfe, it had a hole in the inner sleeve which marked his barrell. Got rid of it and got a Jet Z compact.
    It got cleaned after every outing and it didn,t do much work.

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    jackson has a new stainless steel mod now its shorter than a t8 and as quite .
    also has no rear bush .

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