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Thread: lads re-united.

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    lads re-united.

    rich with the biggest of his 2 stags

    our merry men with the 2 stags loaded up after alot of graft.

    weeman with the stag.

    a munty buck

    rich's CWD rep

    spud with nibbles aafter rich shot him by accident

    daz's munty buck

    weemans giant munty

    and him disposing of the gralloch

    another fox was shot
    and I missed a cwd doe at 250ms due to cross winds and another which was underestimated and the bullet dropped short (no time to range)which the boys wont let me forget easily.
    the second day my eyes were trouble and i couldn't shoot.
    so thanks again to spud (alex) for hosting another re-union and i cant wait till next time.

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    Thanks for helping with the cull boys!

    Shame we had to take the cast stags as a part of the cull but we have far to many on the grounds doing alot of damage! Hinds are coming out after dark and are near on imposable to find or offer unsafe shots when found. The stags have been moving in now in good numbers due to being over shot on near grounds!

    Total for the weekend was.

    Muntjac 4
    CWD 1
    Reds 2
    foxes 2

    Big thank you to the keepers for all there help this year!

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    Weeman..the man..the legend

    Brooklands Holiday Apartments in North Yorkshire

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