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Thread: will sauer 202 /blaser take Rimed cartridge's?

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    will sauer 202 /blaser take Rimed cartridge's?

    I am thinking of getting a new left hand rifle in .308 or 9.3 and wounded if either of these two would be able to take a rimmed cartrige eg .444 marlin or .303 if i got a spare barrel made (eg Border Barrels make barrels for sauer not sure about blaser ?) in one of these Cal's would I be able to get a bolt head to fit and will they work in the actions?.
    any one have any idea ?


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    Bob, I seriously doubt if either would work with rimmed cartridges, at least not without serious modifications to both bolt and magazines.

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    Blaser do have rimmed calibres for the K95 and 10.3 x60 r is listed for the R8 so I would hazard a guess that they can be adapted for the rimmed calibres that you want. Best to speak to Blaser themselves to be sure. atb Tim

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    The R8 10.3 x60 r requires a special bolt head and is single shot only. I haven't looked up the base diameter of the old swiss round but you might be able to use that bolt head for other rimmed cartridges on a single shot basis - but why would one do that! The problem with rimmed cartridges is feed. As an alternative to the .444 marlin you could just use the 9.3x57, 9.3x62, and the 45 blaser i believe is still in production - though those who have usedit invariably come to the opinion that the 9.3s are just better options. As for 303 - well why wouldn't you just use 308! All the rimmed cartridges are low pressure rounds, and i can't see the point of putting them in a very strong bolt action - it would make more sense to load a non-rimmed, high-pressure cartridge down.

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    I know that there are faster and more powerfull rounds, But i thought that if it were possible then different is nice!! and i own both of these cals all ready and they do the do!! . If i was that bothered about power i would go for a .450 mariln mannlicher bolt action but they do not make them in left hand action

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