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Thread: Ageing a Winchester Model 70 using serial numbers

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    Ageing a Winchester Model 70 using serial numbers

    Anybody on here able to age a Winchester Model 70 243 classic feather weight.I would like to find out how old it is just out of interest. Wondering if anybody has a chart or something to find out its Age. I've had the rifle for well over 15 years and I bought it 2nd hand at the time. It was my main Hind rifle back in the pre silencer days. It was an awesome wee rifle in its day to i loved it light and compacted perfect for the hill. Its never been out the gun room for at least 5 years lol but I'll never part with it sentimental value!!

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    PM me some pics/serial no data

    I have the main collector/refeence books on the Win Mod 70's - so should be able to narrow it down for you

    Got lucky with mine. Picked up a pre-war Super Grade 30-06 a few years back now, 2nd year of production, clip slotted 1st pattern receiver.

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    I have had three Model 70's and still have two , give it a google as I was reading on some site a guy was asking the same question and somebody had a huge listing , I believe Noah was one of the first owners .


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    thanks for the replys will get pics and data on a pm tomorrow.

    aye your right about Noah lol

    here it is in action back in the day i think this pic is from 1998ish

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    Saddler, any chance you might throw up a few pics of that vintage Winchester. I love Winchesters. Have a pre 64 model '94 myself, but would love a nice model 70 in 30-06. Extremely hard to come by a left handed one though

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