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    hi has anyone got any experience of these gaiters ,either good or bad please let me know.
    thanks the scudd

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    Quiet, waterproof, warm and hard wearing.

    Affordable too. IMO they are the best for that kind of money.

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    Not cheap to buy, my first pair have served me for about 10 years, with a hole in them for the last 3 years. Couldnt find another pair for reasonable money even at the CLA.

    Last season I bought another pair in the same shop Gregor McCleods in Tain, on offer for under 30 so I bought another pair. Finally binned the old ones this season. They are the brushed soft cammo type, which are far far better than the hard nylon types which are so noisy.

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    Agree with the others, quiet and totally waterproof. Faults, draw string pulled out, repaired for free although out of warranty (slight delay, during staff holidays), broken zip - probably my fault catching it in a car door - replacement zip supplied free of charge.

    Will I but more Kammo - YES

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    I've had one pair of their gaiters for the last 3 years. I use them occasionally, mostly when up in Scotland, and after a quick hose down they are as good as new. All the other Kammo stuff I've had (2 jackets) has performed similarly faultlessly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by the scudd
    hi has anyone got any experience of these gaiters ,either good or bad please let me know.
    thanks the scudd
    I found them a bit on the narrow side and the plastic tag for one of the sole straps snapped off after a bit 14months.

    I binned them and brought a paid of Black Islander gaiters. Much better fit and no plastic to snap off.

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    I'm a fan of Kammo gear; the outer layer of the hill-stalking Dalua, with the exception of boots (Alfred Sargent), cap (GOK) and wooly fingerless gloves (Barbour) is made by Kammo.

    The gaiters do come in two sizes. I have the large ones, 'cos although I'm a microscopic 5'9" tall, I have chunky legs.

    I have found them excellent (the gaiters, I mean; the legs are OK too, though.)

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    If you happen to be a nutritional overacheiver or first stage bulimic (gorging but no vomiting yet) like myself, then Black Islander gaiters are the dogs b's. Last for years used 5 days a week and available in all the sizes.

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