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Thread: re loading ?

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    re loading ?

    Hi gents i have just Read the reloading sticky by CSL and found it excellent , well until i got to the bit about the primers going off on fitting.
    Just a quick question as a friend that has all his own equipment has promised to show me the way to do it .
    Am i legal to be at his house when he is reloading and am i legal to help with this , as my ticket is not through yet, and i dont want to do this if it may effect the granting of ticket.

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    Hi richard, you are going about it the correct way.
    Get someone that does it already, make sure he has all his fingers and both eyes first if he has, it would be fairly safe to say he is doing it right so get him to show you.
    As you do not have your FC yet, you will not be able to retain any of the cartridges he or you reload as you would then be in possession without authority.
    As far as Powder and cases are concerened there is no legislation to prevent you buying those but some RFDs ask to see your FC before they will sell you primers, although that is not covered by law, but hollow or soft nose bullets are and you will need your FC with the specified calibre and quantity entered on it allowing you to buy them.
    Good luck and pay attention at your lessons and you will no doubt end up joining a very large band of 'Reloader Brethen'

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    Thanks EMcC
    No he is fine I'm 60 and think he can give me 15 years and still has 3 fingers on each hand, and a thumb on left lol.
    Joking aside he has been doing this many years and has a lot of guns of obscure sizes that i think he has to do himself as not available now

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