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Thread: .243 Loads

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    .243 Loads

    Looking for some loads for the following in .243

    70 grain Nosler Ballistic tip
    75 grain Hornady vmax
    87 grain Hornady vmax

    any one any experience loading for the above, the rifle is a tikka t3 lite.


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    What powder do you plan to use?

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    i have some 75gr Vmax - I settled on 47.7gr N160 (no VV data for 75gr and N160 so it was trial and error!)
    not Vmax but 87gr interlock SP I use 46.3gr N160 havent really got on with those though.

    none of this is relevant as your rifle may respond to different charge weight and powder choice combos

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    I know it's not one of the bullets you mention, but 42 grains of Re22 behind a 95 grain Nosler BT has proved to be an excellent round for me.

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    Hi use to use 36.5g of varget with the 87 v-max or up to 37g it was out standing accuracy & a very good powder for your weights of bullets you mention.

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    i use 38.5 grains of N140 for 75 grain v-max, giving 3200 fps, that was a load i worked up to and it came from lonnie hummel at hornady in the states, sub inch groups thats with federal brass and cci primers, its in a t3 varmint

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    hi mate,i have a tika t3 lite and use 75 grain vmax for foxes , i use varget and 38 grain and get half inch grouping

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    It is a while since i made up a batch of 87s but i think its 38.5 grn of N140 that I use. They dont quite touch at the far end but aint far off.

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    46.5g of n160 with the 87g v-max is what i put through my t3.

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