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Thread: My First Roe Buck

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    My First Roe Buck

    Met up with Wayne at 5.15am on 1/April for my first Roe stalk. It was a beautiful morning clear skies -2 deg C so couldnít have asked for a better start to the day. We arrived on the grounds around 6am and Wayne had a look about, then set off on our stalk. We hadnít been going long when we spotted a few does on a hill opposite. We kept going came across a few more does, and then saw some movement in a small wooded area about 25 yards away but we werenít sure what it was so Wayne suggested that we double back as they might spook others further on if we carried on. So we went back around the field. By this time the sun was just up, and the scenery was fantastic. We carried on back down the hill and into another wooded area where we had seen a doe and two young bucks head in earlier.
    As we moved through the woods the leaves were crisp so had to move slowly in an attempt not to be noticed. Wayne spotted another doe on the sky line and said that she may have spotted us so had to be really careful not to spook her. Carried on at a slow pace and we spotted another two does and a young buck about 80 yards away. They were moving around behind some young trees. Wayne put up the stix and we waited for the right opportunity, I got the gun ready, Then the buck moved into a clearing and I took the shot. It fell on the spot, Wayne said reload, which I did but I didnít need the second shot as it didnít move.
    Another more mature buck then appeared, all three roe were now hovering around about 30 yards from where the young buck had dropped. The larger buck came back to within about 10 yards from where the young buck lay, which I found amazing as I assumed that once the shot had been fired the would be gone for dust. I wasnít out for trophy animals so the other buck was off the menu. Having said that I donít think that I could have managed any more excitement.
    During the gralloching another roe came past about 15 yards away but spotted us and off it went.

    I had had a fantastic day, great weather, loads of roe about and great stalk yet again with Wayne.

    Thanks Wayne, looking forward to the next time already.
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    Hi Kieran
    It was a pleasure, Max and I enjoyed the morning, nice weather,a nice stalk, plenty of deer and a good shot perfect.

    Speak soon


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    Nice one Keiran

    Good on you Wayne. Top man


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    great stuff well done guys. look at max looking proud in the picture

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    Well done lads,hope there's many more to come

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    Congrats on your first buck

    ďPersistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.Ē
    ― Criss Jami

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    Well done Kieran. Sounds like you had a fantastic morning.
    I was out after Fallow and it was a lovely morning.
    Glad Wayne came good for you.
    All the best,

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    Very nice! Congratulations!

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