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Thread: SmartPhone/iPod App for sunrise/sunset times and moon phase?

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    SmartPhone/iPod App for sunrise/sunset times and moon phase?

    SmartPhone/iPod App for sunrise/sunset times and moon phase?

    I don't have a SmartPhone but do use an iPod Touch as a mini-computer and PDA (Calendar, diary, reminders, address book, mobile e-mail etc.)

    Exploring on the net I find there are a number of Apps that will give me predictions for time of sunrise sunset and moon-phases by location.

    Up to now I've used metcheck on my laptop ( - UK Weather Forecasts - Live Data - Long Range Weather Forecasts) - which doesn't give the moon phase and is not always available
    I look it up on my Garmin GPSmap 62s (handheld GPS), which is fine if I am at the location where I want the prediction for and I have it with me, fired up and running.

    There seem to to be quite a few Apps that would give me what I want, including some stalking/hunting oriented ones. Most seem very (possibly exclusively) oriented to use in USA.
    Some seem more interested in horoscopes and astrology, not something that has helped my stalking!

    Anyone have any experience of using one?
    It must provide simply:
    time of sunrise and sunset and moon-phase for present and/or other chosen location, for present and/or other chosen date.
    Once installed be able to function without an internet connection.
    Ideally it should use corrected local time i.e. if used here in Scotland today, would use BST.
    be UK friendly!

    If it's free, fast and without annoying adverts, so much the better.
    I don't mind paying a few pennies if it really does the business!

    Cabela's Recon Hunt App looks amazing, if you have an iPhone and live in the USA!
    Cabela's Recon Hunt for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G on the iTunes App Store
    but a bit OTT for my purposes!

    Any suggestions welcome.


    Alasdair the Pentlands where it is snowing!!!!

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    LunarLib for your moon phases and met office app for weather/sunrise/sunset times yet to find anything that does both.


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    I use Weather - UK & Worldwide Forecasts, News & More - for weather and sunrise/set on the PC - on of the most relaible forecasting tools I have come across. There are loads of free apps for this, BUT, many rely on the use of inbuilt location services to give you the details you want and I don't think (corrrect me if I'm wrong) touch has that, so you need one that will work via manual input. Cabelas works fine in this country BTW. As other have said, the Met office app works well and if you type sunrise sunset into app store, there are a load of free apps available (Sunrise Clock +, Daylight, Sunrise Sunset Lite to name three). There are also a load of animal call apps (great with a little speaker), bullet drop/ballistic calculators and wider hunting apps. You mentioned Cabelas - also have a look at ActinNature.

    Hope this helps
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    I use Weather HD on the iPad - gives sunrise, sunset, wind direction & strength, precipitation, etc. Seems to work well

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    I use rise and set which gives sunrise and set and also civil twilights which is very handy

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    Accuweather gives both sunrise/sunset times and moon phases.

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    another one for android is "Sundroid", very basic but gives moon phase, sun up and sun down etc.

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    thanks every-one!

    After a bit of research I have settled on Darkness by Bjango

    I have posted a review (of sorts) in Equipment & Accessories iPhone, iPod, iPad App for sunrise, sunset and moon phase etc..

    Hope it is of use!


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    I use Sunrise and Set on my iPhone - does the job

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_cunctator View Post
    I use Sunrise and Set on my iPhone - does the job
    Yup! It's a neat App (& only 69p! & 2.1MB), but I wanted to have moon phase and predictions as well - I find that "legal daylight" stalking around the time of a full moon is less productive (can make for interesting foxing though!).

    n.b. Sunrise and Set Lite (the free one) does not I think have custom location facility.


    in the Pentlands, snow stopped and sun shining now!

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