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Thread: Good Cafes and Greasy Spoons

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    Good Cafes and Greasy Spoons

    As we all like a good fry up, I'm looking for a few recommendations.

    My son and myself have our own business, and we travel around a fair bit, get a bit hungry on the way to a site so pull in to an eatery of some description. Some have been good some bad, worst one an M&S services on the M4 expensive crap and only just warm.

    One of the best, which we visit when working in Cornwall is Woodys at Sourton Cross on the A30 nr Okehampton.

    So where's worth a visit, (if I'm passing that way)


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    Simple.... the best kept secret in the UK!

    Wetherspoons offer a breakfast that tastes fantastic, is well cooked and uses the likes of Heinz beans, free range eggs, smoked bacon and quality sausages.

    It is without doubt the best tasting fryup I have ever enjoyed - and it is now my reward for an early start. Served from 9am - 12, it fits nicely with a morning outing.

    The most amazing thing?

    It is CHEAP!! Yes, at only some 2.80 for the 'Traditional' and a little more for the 'Farmhouse'.

    Consult the map, give one a try and come back and tell me I am wrong!

    Rgds Ian

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    Tesco's do a good breakfast
    well worth sourcing out their bigger stores

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    I agree that Wetherspoons is good but they are not consistant, I've had quite a few breakfasts, and evening meals in them sometimes the meal (breakfast included ) were cold or luke warm. When hot very good


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    Yes been to those and Sainsburys as well, these are all dependent on whose shift it is to cook, 9/10 times its been good though


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    My house!!
    Don`t get me wrong here people.
    I`ve had a few hunters from different sites stay at my home. The one and only thing i stipulate is that you are vouched for by at least two members.
    Our house is basic, but you`ll get the fry up from hell in the morning, you will also feast on basils game cuisine in the evenings.
    Best of all? It`s free.
    I`m two minutes drive from the M5, J24.

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    The Salt Box, Hatton, near Burton on Trent

    The Cafe at Inverness Bus Station

    The butty wagon outside HIS in Inverness

    There used to be a cracker in a porta cabin at Willand near Cullompton, near where MVF used to be. No idea if it's still there.

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    Marcom moor {if thats how you spell it} truck stop on the A1, good cheap grub, showers etc, open to all road users.

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    Frax said,

    "The butty wagon outside HIS in Inverness"

    I've been there 3 times and its been shut, then again it was 3pm on a Sunday afternoon

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    Anybody shooting in Hampshire is welcome to visit me, I think my breakfast would keep you going.
    as above a message of confirmation from a couple of members would be good

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