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Thread: white does

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    white does

    while out with the scouts on saturday we saw a groupe of about 7 roe and 2 were white , is it common to see more than 1 in an areaand is it likely they are mother and daughter or siberlings

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    It is not even common to see one let alone two but they will without doubt be related.


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    i was surprised and the scouts were amazed

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    I'v only ever seen one and strangly enough that was in the new forrest this year.

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    thats interesting is it due to inbreeding like leucistic boar i have down here or just a variation like i see in white fallow ??

    atb steve

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    I have seen 3 white roe does in a wood I shoot.- not the same one 3 times - 1 was was culled 2 years ago and the other two I saw together about 4 weeks ago

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    First time l ever remember seeing wild deer was when l was out on a field trip when l was at primery school (a bl**dy long time ago) anyway in the group was a white roe the one and only time l have seen one.

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