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    just had a look at

    just had a look at the CZ USA website, a lot of those are lovely rifles. I really like the look of the .223 527 lux that apparently the Europeans rate highly, and the Ultimate Hunting Rifle in 300 win mag.


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    The only Lux rifle I ever had the hots for was a 2nd hand 527 in 7,62x39. It sold so fast I barely had time to break a sweat over it. I generally like the American styling better; straighter comb for scope use and somewhat cleaner lines.~Muir

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    I had a 527 lux in .223. Great compact little rifle with a Zeiss 6x42 scope. The woodwork was beautiful and the barrel had such a nice twist-hammer forged pattern that i couldn't bring myself to have it cut for a moderator.

    Reds started appearing in one of the forests i stalked, the landowner decided to restrict rifles to .243 minimum (regardless if stalking Reds or not) and Strathclyde weren't keen on adding another slot (i'd only just had 2 additional slots added).

    So unfortunately it had to go and i sold it on here. 6-pointer bought it and took a bloody grinder to it!

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    The CZ527 'Lux' is a nice bit of work, but has a 24" barrel with sights. This model has been around for a long time.

    The newer 'American' (no misnomer - actually made in Kansas City, Kansas!) has a higher comb, comes without sights, and is often pre-threaded. As such it's maybe better suited to the UK. It's puzzling that this model has a 10% higher price tag than the 'Lux'.

    Bear this in mind if a secondhand CZ527 comes up as most of the used UK models are the cheaper 'Lux'.... and are often advertised as 'American' with prices to match.
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