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Thread: Gunshop eb?

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    Gunshop eb?

    Hi all

    I just wondered what people's experience of dealing with Gunshop East Barnet was?


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    I went in on a Saturday afternoon a few months ago and thought I'd walked into some club meeting. Couldn't tell who was staff and who wasn't. That said once I'd got them away from all their mates who just seemed to hang around to chat, they were really helpful.

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    Bought my CF2 in 6.5x55 from them, a few years back. First thing he said was "You've come a fair way, how would you like your coffee". A very friendly lot and I always have a chat with them at the Phoenix and Trafalgar meetings at Bisley.

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    Thanks for the replys biffa and techman
    I just wondered as I don't know much about them/hadn't heard much about them at all, and am experiencing some issues on an order I placed with them. Hoping to sort it soon though.

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