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Thread: Preferences in 140 grain 6.5x55 ammunition

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    Preferences in 140 grain 6.5x55 ammunition

    Hi all quick query.
    I have a 6.5x55 with a 1 in 8 twist Barrell and I am looking for recommedations for a good 140gr factory loaded Hunting round from the 6.5 users.
    Has anybody tried the new Hornady Super Performance in 6.5x55 ?



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    I only use Remmington 140gn Core lokt. seem to do the job ok but only limited experiance with them. Certainly dont 'smash' things when you hit them.

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    I have found federal very accurate on paper with all shots touching if I do my bit and has done the necessary on a couple of deer with obvious expansion. I have tried privi but for me it doesn't group well enough on paper.

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    Rws twin core excellent groups but Expensive. I feel same about privi good for fouling the barrel.

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    I think its hard to say which ammo is the most accurate as it differs from gun to gun. However some makes are more consistant in all guns than others. Privi is ok in my Sako, especially for cheap practice. 'On game performace' is probably a better way to evaluate a useful bullet.

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    I have also tried the privi €16 for a box dirt cheap, but I couldn't for the life of me get it to group and I think that seems to be the general rule of thumb your rifle either likes it or not. With regard to ''on game Performance '' absolutely correct, but was trying to cut down on the number of different rounds to be tested by getting a bit of feed back from the members here Keep the info flowing .

    Thanks .

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    I've stuck with Norma 140gr Nosler Partition.

    Good with Roe & Red in the UK and Kudu, Gemsbok & Wildebeest in Africa.


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    Yes, @ 25.00+ per box it bwould be handy if they were all as good as each other! Dont think you'd go wrong with either remmington or federal soft points to start, winchester sp's are supposed to be ok 2
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    my 6.5 x 55 Thrives on 120 grn Norma, expensive but my rifle shoots well with these rounds, next best were the Norma 140grn, didn't like hornady or the S&B cheapies

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    Hi kildevil,
    Why are you so focused on 140 grain? Have you looked at any of the 120 grn especially Norma bts.
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