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Thread: Rebarrel Steyr SSG 69

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    Rebarrel Steyr SSG 69


    Does anyone know if the barrel on the above screws into the action like most similar rifles. I am wondering about the ease with which I can get one rebarreled. I recall that the barrel on the Steyr Mountain Hunter is a type of push / friction fit and doesn't screw in like other rifles.

    Also, does anyone have one (SSG 69) and if so, how do you rate it?


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    I'm on my 3rd. They are accurate. The triggers come just as I like them. The bolts are smooth and quick to use. You can rebarrell them although I have never had it done on mine. Some critisize the stock being a bit plasticy but you can get an aftermarket stock if that bothers you. I have never bothered.

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    Excellent rifle with only two faults:

    1. The ***** plastic magazine which will split if you are careless inserting rounds.
    2. Steyr use a heat process to fit the barrels which means that it can't be re-barrelled like regular rifles. However Armalon have perfected the technique to removing the old barrel and 'retro-threading' in order to fit a conventional barrel. Its quite reasonable; starting at around 450-500 for barrel & labour.

    You'll have to go some to burn out an original barrel though. Hammer forged and chrome lined - my current rifle in 308 has done almost 5000rds, is never cleaned, will go through 100-200 rds at a time on the range and is still sub MOA.

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    Thanks for the replies on this.



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