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Thread: new member from derby

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    new member from derby

    Better with a rifle than a key board. Have been shooting for 40 odd years foxs rabbits with .22rim .17 hmr .223 win. then 6mths ago a freind took me deer stalking. Talk about being hooked in this short time done dsc1 and 2 brought two new rifles tikka t3s .243 .308 . went out yesterday shoot 3 fallow great day making my total for the season 21 wifes going mad hope to have some good chats. martyn52

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    Welcome martyn52. Sounds like you have had a great year. Nice to welcome yet another midlander.

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    Welcome Martyn

    From another ex-Derby lad.

    Best rgds


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    nice going Martyn
    who did you shoot the fallow with?

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