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Thread: Hi From FurNotFeather-New Member From County Down N. Ireland

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    Hi From FurNotFeather-New Member From County Down N. Ireland

    Just posting a hello to all the 'auld hands' here on the forum. I've been a keen rifle shot for over 20 years going from an air rifle as a teenager to rimfire .22 and a.22-250. Recently done my DSC 1 naturally with a view to getting into deer stalking but am finding it difficult to find permission to shoot over land with deer in the area. As I live in County Down, there are no deer I am aware of outside of the forestry services land or private estates in this area. Anybody with tips or advice on how to get land to stalk on within N. Ireland-please drop me a line.

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    Welcome, we do have a few members from th Emerald Isle, you may get a few hints from them, Steve.
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    Hi All,
    New member of this forum and excited to be here as found many informative threats before registering. I will be active here to learn more from here and hope to make some friends also.

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    Welcome to the site, the pair of you. Dales you are supposed to start your own introduction thread a not jut piggy back on another one,

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    There's a few 'auld hands' on this site,there's syndicate places come up regularly to the east of you if you are prepared to go over the water.


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    Welcome to the site, Ater living in Holywood for about 10 years I totally understand your problem. Unfortunately I never found the answer and my stalking involved catching the HSS. The up side is once at Stranraer you normally don't have to travel too far.


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    Thanks for the replies guys!

    Mark-can I ask, when you lived in Holywood and stalked in Scotland-did you have any access to stalking here in NI and if not-were you able to hold a NI FAC with no stalking rights over here?



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    Hi and welcome. A lovely part of the world. Well at least you are on the right side for the ferry.
    It's accuracy that kills.

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