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Thread: cz stock

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    cz stock

    Has anyone got a stock for a cz 452 doesn't matter what condition ,wood or synthetic cheers
    only when the last tree has been felled,the last fish caught and the last river poisoned will man realise he cant eat money

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    aren't they identical to BRNO mod2's?

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    yep a brno model 2 is the same
    only when the last tree has been felled,the last fish caught and the last river poisoned will man realise he cant eat money

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    I will have an old brno stock available in a couple of days. Its damaged though if that matters? Still functions as it should.


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    nemo, are you looking to buy a rimfire stock or access one for duplication? i honestly can't imagine you'll even find one to buy to be completely honest, but if you want to buy a beautiful zebra wood one that's a duplicate of the original, let me know.

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    i was chatting to the guy that has this stock for sale, it is off a .22 but can be fitted to a 17hmr. you may need to register to view the post if you are not a member

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    I have a wood CZ stock from my old CZ, I bought it from the a member on the Hunting Life forum when I had a CZ, sold the CZ and bought a Weihrauch instead. Make me an offer, I can send you some pics if you want, it was for a Varmint barrel I believe, I would say it was in good used condition.


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    PM me if your interested.


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    This ad has reappeared on the Airgunbbs.
    I actually have a couple of pics of it should you require.

    Back up for sale Stripped and oil finished CZ452 .22 stock (with sling studs). Have spent lots of time on this but have to downsize at the moment. Nice grain and silky finish, will email pic`s to any one interested. 45 posted
    This has been finished with lots of coats of linseed oil, put on with a cloth not painted on, rubbed down between coats and finally rubbed down with used flour paper before the final finish coats. as you can see this took many hours work. Only selling as need the space and my cz is a work tool, this is just too pretty for it.
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